THE CONGRESSMAN FROM PARAÑAQUE Roilo Golez referred to the reported assassination plot against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as a "...

A Bad Means To An Unfavorable End

THE CONGRESSMAN FROM PARAÑAQUE Roilo Golez referred to the reported assassination plot against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as a "fantastic tale" and I can't really blame him for that. Killing a bird is one thing but "taking away" a president's life is another. We know how murder plots are usually cooked, they are almost always being done thru whispers and moans, where the windows are shut tight and the door locked hard so that no one could intrude knowingly or unknowingly and hear outrightly about some sullen secrets in the hearts and minds of some men.

How in the world a Senate President and a former Head of State had once became so careless, throwing every caution into the wind, and letting know of some insipid plan to another Senator is quite amazing to me, if it would turn out to be true. I guess even Tom Clancy or John Grisham would not invent such kind of plot in their own fictions for it would be too clumsy and convenient, to the point of embarrassment. The purveyors of this somewhat "fantastic" allegation could have been more original if say, a lowlier military officer would have opened the pandora's box, but to see that it was Senator Miriam Santiago herself overhearing a murder plot being hatched supposedly by a colleague in the Senate is quite unbearable. Or maybe Senator Santiago had an asset and that might just be feasible. Who knows?

Now despite the strangeness or surrealism of this whole assassination plot mess, we could say that in the logic of things and in the matter of statistical possibility, there is still that fair chance that indeed Senator Franklin Drilon and former President Corazon Aquino had suddenly became so maliciously evil that they had decided to "take away" President Arroyo's breath. Now what comes to our mind by then? Would the means justify the end?

I think the means would in no way reach its justification for it would be such a stupid thing to do. The present opposition had so much goodwill among their folds, being seen as the beacon of truth, as against a "lying" president, and it would be so inimical to their interest to ever contradict sanity and kill like killing is but a simple thing to do. In the event of an assassination attempt, failed or successful, the tides of sympathy may just blow over into the Malacañang's side and leave the opposition bloc out in the cold. Furthermore, a military takeover in that scenario may just be seen by many in our country, as well as by other nations, as too hostile for comfort and too uncivilized that in the end, the worse has just become worst beyond estimation, like something hitting the fan. This is what this country needs the least at this point, it is clearly a bad means towards an unfavorable end.

Every assassin is of the same kind of malice, irregardless of the quality of his intention.

I WOULD LIKE to greet all of my Triskelion fraternal brods today as we commemorate the TAU GAMMA PHI 37th founding anniversary. I have been in the brotherhood for almost fifteen years now and it had been such a wonderful experience to be part of one of the oldest fraternity in the country. Though I am mostly inactive now, still I enjoin in this momentous event in my own personal way.

THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF RAMADDAN, the period of fasting for all moslems. I send my felicity towards the Islam world in this holy month, as they aim for the fullness of faith through self-sacrifice and denial.


  1. comments from HALOSCAN.4:10 PM GMT+8

    It's the old "assasinate me" trick... to set us up for another one of the scenarios they are hatching...
    Punzi | Homepage | 10.04.05 - 6:09 pm | #


    darn, why don't they just focus on bigger problems..poverty, unemployment, etc...oh well..
    analyse | Homepage | 10.04.05 - 6:42 pm | #


    This assassination story is more like a Sponge Bob Square pants episode than a thrilling Clancy masterpiece. Whoever is behind this mockery is trying to deviate the public’s attention. If this were a car race, the opposition is way ahead of its competition. That is, the GMA administration. Why would they reverse its gears just to demolish an already broken race car? Only Patrick of Sponge Bob would do that kind of stupidity.
    John Clark | Homepage | 10.05.05 - 5:14 am | #


    To Punzi: Hi, counsel. This is also what I think, a trumnped-up scenario in order to instigate something sinistrous.

    To Analyze: I wish they really would...

    To John Clark: You bet Patrick the Starfish would do such thing, But I think, it is also being done by some of our more lurid politicos. Something in all this is so amateurish, like, can't they think of something more original?
    Major Tom | Homepage | 10.06.05 - 3:01 pm | #

  2. Similarly with J. Clark....
    maybe just another one of those old trick of the squid to make filipino people shift their attention and hopefully forget the real issue which is the failures of the present government to alleviate the dying economy.

    So much for excuses...

    Just a thought..

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