Friday, October 07, 2005

Killer Storms of The Future

HYPERCANE is a new word I have learned after reading a disturbing note in the Periscope section of NEWSWEEK Magazine (October 3, 2005). The article takes issue if there would be more deadly hurricanes in the future like Katrina, the killer superstorm that had mercilessly devastated an entire American city, and left a whole nation in virtual shock.

What are hypercanes? Hypercane is a kind of hurricane that is at least thrice the strength of Katrina and would be deadly like upon a nuclear bomb, where anything on its path---all structures and life-forms---would be banished in seconds. The term was first coined by MIT Professor Kerry Emmanuel when he put into motion a computer model of a super-hurricane, one that could result from extreme temperatures in the ocean, about 80 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, the present times have not experienced a storm anywhere near the strength of a hypercane but scientific studies have reasonably showed that giant storms have frequently disturbed the Earth's surfaces in the ancient times, and may even have contributed to the complete extinction of the dinosaurs. MIT's Emmanuel has strongly theorized that frequent and huge meteorite impacts in the very far past had caused the rising of the ocean's temperature and thus, giving birth to giant and so very ferocious hypercanes, affecting and wiping-out the dinosaurs roaming inland as well as their habitats.

If Emmanuel's theory is credible enough then we have another huge reason to counter and stave off the onset of global warming. It turns out that rise in the oceans' temperature would not only lead to the elevation of sea level (putting in danger many of the world's seaside cities) but could also create sinistrous weather condition that may result to deadly storms like Katrina. Maybe it's time that heavily industrialized countries like America and Australia sign the Kyoto Pact against global warming. Maybe, the warning signs have been too loud for for us to ignore.


  1. that's frightening, huh? do you personally believe Emmanuel? sabagay, global warming is really happening na.

  2. I’m not sure if I’ll ever agree to the contentions of the Kyoto Protocol. I don’t think that greenhouse gas is the main culprit of global warming even though scientific research suggests its contributing effects. What is happening to Mother Earth right now is a natural cycle of climatic change (i.e. ice age to global warming, etc.). Underground volcanic activities release carbon dioxide large enough to cause a dramatic rise in ocean temperature and thus trigger the global warming. A similar theory also has it that the increase in carbon dioxide caused the extinction of animals not the popular runaway meteor or asteriods. As the cycle repeats, after this global warming Earth will naturally head to another Ice Age! By the way, we had a near record-breaking temperature last night It’s unusual for our Midwestern city to have a near freezing temperature at this time of the year.

    P.S. I find it amusing to see a similarity in our topic preferences. It wouldn’t surprise me to read an entry in your blog how the aliens wiped out the Incas.

  3. To Bing: I don't believe him entirely but his ideas have some weigth on it. I do know that thunders do happen everytime hot and cold wind collides into one another. Maybe, superheated oceans could really create hazardous weather conditions.

    To John: Clearly, your insight is veritable and natueral cycles of global weather/environment would be the culprit. We haven't got no industrial factories before but eons ago, Earth had gone from the Ice Age towards other ages, like when volcanoes permeated our grounds. I do hope that the greenhouse effect ain't to blame for our queer weather at present then maybe then, we can just let be the present industrial world we have right now.

    Ha..ha..aliens and Incas, yeah, that's like my kind of topic. I'll try researching on that and maybe post about it in this blog.

  4. hypercane.. that must be the strongest!
    geee.. how horrible.
    but prayers are a lot lot more powerful.

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