Blog Review Series No. 4

The Samuel Bilibit Diaries – A Blog Review
Authored by: Sam
Content Remark: Shows A Great Promise.
Graphical Features: Excellent Layout.

This early in its blog life---barely three months to this day---this reviewer could safely say that The Samuel Bilibit Diaries is a labour of love.

In fact when Criocksz G. was still in that crucial stage of choosing the name for this weblog, he had to scrutinize a long and protracted list of potential banner title that included such names as Katapusang Singgit sa Amang, Aping Daldal, Kanto TiƱo, Sa lilim ng punong manga, Conversations with Jack Daniels, Blog Bath, Lamang Utak, Isipang Buntis, Panuhot, Careless Whispers, Blah blah blog, Sangplatitong Mani, Duha Singko, and Pasakalye and by this you could tell how this weblog author take his blogging seriously and that must be how every blogger should be.

Then Criockz G. became Sam when he chose “The Samuel Bilibit Diaries” as his blog title. The title came about when once he was reminded that when he was a child, his mom scolded him for being a constant wanderer, saying to him “Murag ka man si Samuel Bilibit” (“As if you we’re Samuel Bilibit.”). In one of his earlier entries, Sam explained the tale behind the Visayan mythological icon. In legend, Samuel Bilibit was cursed to walked the Earth until the end of time and many believed that to this day, he is still walking among us ---along the streets he strolls by us everyday and inside the speeding jeepneys he rides along with us, towards his never-ending journey.

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