Thursday, August 04, 2005

Zuce: Is He For Real or Just Another Fluke?

If much of the words of Michaelangelo Zuce are true, then perhaps he is the best thing that the impeachers have in their hands. Consider this, witnessing a full-scale secret/private meeting of a generous number of election officials in the most private hospice of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is such a telling circumstance that the GMA-defenders just could not handle this time. It would be too damning to ignore and set aside. If that meeting really took place, I am pretty certain that the truth will rise like a rushing flame exploding towards the sky for how could one possibly hide such very “noisy” strategizing from the election cohorts of GMA. Indeed, if the meeting really took place, it would be so difficult to hide that eventually the truth will come out.

In such a huge gathering, upon a certain night and in such a span of hours, the La Vista neighborhood would surely notice that so many vehicles are just outside GMA’s residence. Maybe we can ask one or two of the President’s closest neighbors there. But then, one could always say, since it is the President’s home, normally the outside her house would always be full of vehicles, and of course visitors from near or far would always be in her house, no matter what hour or day.

Or maybe, we can ask the security officers manning the La Vista neighborhood that particular night, that in these modern times, maybe they had security cameras put up at the entrances and exits of the La Vista neighborhood (since I presumed it is another well-secured and grand subdivision around Manila), which by then we could requests certain security personnel to testify if on such day and on such hours, a certain amount of vehicles had indeed came through the gates of the now suddenly famous neighborhood.

Or perhaps, one of the regional directors or election supervisors would suddenly become another turncoat and corroborate Zuce’s testimony. With the number of officials said to be present in that one famous meeting, the possibility of another witness against GMA is just too great and wide.

Only my mind questions a couple of things about Zuce’s words. Could GMA be that foolish to have a mass “give-outs” to so many officials all at once? Could she have allowed it knowing the risk of detection is far too great? And why so little the now almost mythical amount of “thirty-thousand pesos”. I am not rich but I know that such amount is too little in order to sway someone’s acquiescence to partake or allow what clearly is a dangerous maneuver to rig the election results and patently it is such a malevolent act. Such a small bribe, eh? Maybe it was an advance for a bigger amount.
The soap opera is getting interesting by the day. It would be interesting to know in the following days if Zuce is for real or just another fluke.


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