LIVE 8 for the Debt. LIVE 8 for the Bomb.

LIVE 8, that veritable movement that desires to end poverty in this world and drop-dead all third world debt is for certain (one way or another), succeeding in its main mission, as the concert series it held all around the globe was well-patronized and hugely attended. Then maybe, we could hope that perhaps now, the plight of poor people in the poorest of nations should be alleviated significantly.

How I wish there is a similar project, albeit in a scale smaller than LIVE 8, which would hark the need for world peace, primarily in combating the proliferation of nuclear weapons, thus protecting this generation and every generation to come from the specter of nuclear annihilation.

We may not know the extent of the problem now but as I see it, we are almost sitting on a time bomb, traipsing on a hotwire, as if in a circus act that provides no safety net that could stifle any fall.

We see somehow that the talks on
North Korea disarmament is gaining grounds with South Korea Deputy Song Min-Soon baring to the public that a new draft on the result of the latest round of talks have been approved by all sides (including the United States of America) and opined that “the talks are rather doing well”.

But the comment above by the South Korean delegate is at most too general and vague and what we know is that North Korea is still demanding so much from the United States like security guarantees and massive financial aid, and it wanted them delivered fast before any disarmament happens while on the one hand the United States wanted to see the nuclear weapons disarmed first before obliging to any concession. This is where the main problem lies where we could see a Catch-22 situation looming. Another difficulty would be the adamancy of North Korea in demanding that it retains “peaceful nuclear development” at any rate. I do not think U.S. would give in to this, especially now that the risk of proliferation is all too high. (There is always the danger that some rogue nation or terrorist organization might get hold of this technology.)

North Korea is such a “hermit kingdom” that we just could not trust anything it says or do. And for that, we seem always to be on the verge of global nuclear trouble. I hope LIVE 8 people could address the global problem on nuclear weapons call on the world just to throw away all rhetoric and just dismantle that nuclear bomb.
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