Brutally Frank

The way Representative Antonio Eduardo B. Nachura said it in an early morning radio interview, it was like its the saddest thing in the world to happen. But I had a feeling that he was just being brutally frank. Guesting as an impeachement resource person for the said radio show, he explained rather elaborately that despite the fact that the impeachment proceeding was "a legal proceeding" it is also "a political exercise". Meaning to say, the viability of the amended impeachment complaint now filed in the justice committee of the House, or the chances of it being passed on to the Senate for the full staging of the impeachment proceeding, is not to be determined whether or not the complaint is meritable. According to Congressman Nachura's own words, "its merely a game of numbers" and even proceeded to inform the public that at present, those who favored in dismissing the complaint are in the majority while those who want President GMA impeached is in the minority. As if stressing to me what is alreday obvious.

Could not the congressman from Samar be less straightforward? So that hindi naman masyadong obvious na moro-moro lang ang mangyayari sa justice committee? I have a feeling that the members of the said committee won't even seriously deliberate upon the merits or demerits of the complaint. The die was cast even before the committee had received it. It's gonna be like a fools' banquet out there in the justice committee where everyone would just be playing dumb and then proceed to count those who are in favor and those who are not.

I have the greatest respect for the ever-venerable congressman from Samar, being one of my bar reviewers in the past in Political Law, and especially now he being touted as the prime expert on matters of constitutional law; but when he admitted that the very survival of the amended impeachment complaint against GMA is just but a game of numbers among the members of the Lower House, then as if he was really egging me to completely lose respect to a legislature which he is a famous member of.
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