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What's in a book?

In a book is an entirely distinct and living world that can move and fascinate us to no end. When it’s a very good book, it is a kind of world that I joyously venture into every time I leaf through the pages.

Number of books on the shelves: I buy so selectively when it comes to books so over the years, I haven’t piled up a mountain of such. But including my law books, my collection could perhaps fill one huge wooden cabinet.

Those that I own or bought: Ninety percent of my books are bought while about eight percent of them were given as gifts or tokens. The rest (about two percent) are those that I just forgot to return and still remained in my possession. To give you a hint about the kind of materials I read, here is a listing of some of my books:

Crime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Death of Ivan Illych by Alexander Tolstoy
Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice
The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy
The Ground Beneath Her Feet by S. Rushdie
The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
Finnegan’s Week by Joseph Wambaugh
Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard
Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt
The Color Purple by Alice Walker
The Partner by John Grisham
Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCollough
Primary Colors by Anonymous

Last few books that I bought:

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Book that I'm reading now:

The Norton Anthology of World Literature

Last few books read: The Joy Luck Club. I have just finished re-reading this one. I always find time once in a while to do second readings of books that had affected me most in the past since upon second reading, there are aspects of the story that I have overlook on first reading but makes wonderful and sometime perfect sense upon second reading.


The Sevens

Seven Things That Scare Me

1. Drowning at sea.
2. Falling from great heights.
3. Facing a ghost at close range.
4. Evil spirits.
5. Snakes wiggling into the house.
6. Very enclosed spaces.
7. Murderous robbers.

Seven Things That I Like the Most

1. Travelling in countrysides.
2. Well, blogging.
3. Listening to records that I just bought and being excited on how it will fare with my expectations.
4. A glassful of chilled beer after a long and tiring day.
5. Eating Adobong Manok.
6. Playing and singing lullabies to my kids.
7. Reading, reading and reading.

Seven Important Things in My Bedroom

1. The computer.
2. The guitar.
3. The writing table.
4. The books and magazines.
5. The bed of course.
6. The electric fan.
7. The chair.

Seven Random Facts About Me

1. Like Warmstone, I am a Taurean.
2. I stand five feet and two inches.
3. An unpublished author.
4. Likes to grow my hair long but long hairs does not seem to suit me.
5. I fetch my kids from school every afternoon.
6. I play the drums once in a college garage band.
7. I like the color blue most that I possessed a lot of blue objects like hankies and shirts.

Seven Things I Plan to do Before I die

1. Get my books published.
2. Share the Good News.
3. Organize a spiritual movement.
4. Travel abroad.
5. See my kids working and in good stead.
6. Appear on TV.
7. Repent of all my sins.

Seven Things I can do

1. Write poems.
2. Climb mountains. Me and my friends use to climb mountains around here.
3. Sing a little of Frank Sinatra.
4. Cook my favorite food like Adobong Manok.
5. Drink until the morning comes.
6. Read for hours and hours.
7. Drive all kinds of vehicles except trains and aircrafts.

Seven Things I Can’t Do

1. Swim farther than 20 meters.
2. Intrude into a house.
3. Appear in a party uninvited.
4. Lie casually.
5. Kill animals.
6. Expect respect without respecting.
7. Tolerate abusive persons.

Seven Things that Attract Me to the Opposite Sex

1. Smooth skin.
2. Telling eyes.
3. Intelligence.
4. Wittiness.
5. Gentle persuasions.
6. Broadmindedness.
7. Of course, kindness.

Seven Things You Say the Most

1. Oh, Lord!
2. Oh, God!
3. Jesus Christ.
4. Please.
5. Oh, my God!
6. Uh-huh.
7. I.

Seven Celeb Crushes (whether local or foreign)

1. Beyonce
2. Jennifer Aniston.
3. Tanya Gomez
4. Zhang Zhiyou
5. Gong Li.
6. Lauren Hill of The Fugees.
7. Denise Richards.

Seven People I want to take this Quiz (any of the two)

1. JP
2. jangelo
3. Sam
4. Buffwings
5. Trickyboy
6. Shalimar
7. Anicee

I wish Bokbok and Punzi could take the quiz too. If they aren't that busy.
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