Friday, August 19, 2005

Dead Wrong!

It seems like it was only yesterday that we had witnessed one of the more memorable international political image in recent years---that of former U.S. Secretary of State Collin S. Powell holding high in his hands what turned out to be a deadly amount of anthrax that he was then using as a visual aid (while he was trying in earnest to convince the U.N. Security Council to give “Gulf War II” a psychological go-ahead). He was then orating in support of his employer’s war plans, hollering in high booming voices that a time to kill and a time to make war in Iraq had finally come that particular moment.

But years after “Gulf War II”, and over $ 100 Billion Dollars spent on bullets and missiles by U.S. taxpayers, we still haven’t got any single hint that indeed Saddam Hussein had in his possession any substantial amount of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). For now, Mr. Powell and America is just “dead wrong” about their findings.

On Sunday, CNN verges deep into the myth of Saddam’s chemical weapons and meaningfully exposes and investigates the truth behind the U.S. intelligence failure on such matter. In a
CNN feature titled “Dead Wrong”, the Atlanta-based news network will try once and for all to unravel and perhaps prove rather conclusively that the U.S. intelligence network was way off the mark when it barked throughout the political world that Saddam Hussein was viciously detrimental to world peace and that he was then maintaining a sizeable arsenal of WMD’s. Perhaps CNN may just go beyond that and implicate America outrightly for being caught lying---in red-handed fashion.Image hosted by

This is not the first time actually that insinuations that America had lied to the world in order to pursue a war that is thousand of miles beyond American borders. In April of this year, a presidential commission had concluded in its final report that
“the United States still knows ‘disturbingly little’ about the weapons programs and intentions of many of its most dangerous adversaries. In short, President George W. Bush may just have decided to lie in such a big way just in order to coax U.S. Congress to fund the most expensive war in recent history. Could he have intentionally allowed the manipulation of facts just in order to unduly justify an unjustifiable war?Image hosted by

America peddling half-truths is not already new to us actually. In the years leading to the Vietnam War, then
President Richard Nixon was often seen declaiming the merits of sending American troops to southern Vietnam. It was then highly circulated by Nixon’s henchmen that if Vietnam will fall entirely to the hands of communism, the whole of Asia would soon follow---like dominoes collapsing one by one. We all know now what really happened. Vietnam did entirely fall to the Vietcong but still communism hasn’t made so much of a ripple in the rest of Asia, as feared initially. Did Nixon’s Vietnam war adventure a kind of a “dead wrong” scenario? It seems to be now that the huge casualties of war suffered by America in Vietnam was merely a result of one huge misapprehension.

Now, only history could decide if Bush’s war in Iraq is merely just “one huge misapprehension”.
Photo and Image Credits: CNN/ WikiPedia/ Warblogging.Com/


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