A Deadlier Strain Of AIDS Virus.

City Health officials in New York City, USA has reportedly uncovered a more fierce and deadlier strain of HIV, the precursor to the ever-notorious AIDS disease. The new strain is said to have doubly increased the headaches of scientists pursuing the endless road to finding the cure to this sexual malady for it has two unusual features: "resistance to nearly all anti-retroviral drugs used to treat the infection, and stunningly swift progression from infection to full-fledged AIDS". See NY Times News Article Here...

I can almost see in my mind’s eye how the fight against the spread of AIDS is like Sisyphus brought back again to the soiled ground after decades of forward steps in finding the path towards a miracle drug.

The world hasn’t even yet found any remedy that absolutely restrains and impedes the dreaded virus and yet, a deadlier strain has just sprouted. Don’t you feel it just getting eerie and too fearsome for comfort? Me think that the world should start having major changes in its approaches in fighting AIDS which instead of advising the populace on the correct use of condoms (which means to say that they are advising the populace to keep on having sex no matter how illicit and excessive they are, just wear the damn rubber, which by the way, does not work every time), the campaign should be centered on self-discipline and restraint.

I mean, if you have no permanent partner, or even just a semi-permanent partner, then just don’t it, for goodness sake.

This is not a morality issue but a practical one. We must be practical in combating this deadly disease that has become even more ferocious. If one is faced with a possibility of a random sex act, then just do not do it. It is the onset of multiple partners that easily spreads the virus. Just choose not to have multiple partners. Just do not patronize unguarded sex engagements. Just be safe.

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