When the Cold War between the United States and the former U.S.S. R. was finally over in the dying years of the 1980’s, with the onset of G...

When We’re About To Think That Nuclear War Ain’t Happening.

When the Cold War between the United States and the former U.S.S. R. was finally over in the dying years of the 1980’s, with the onset of Glasnost at the tail-end of the Reagan Era, a great flight of hope has come upon us, thinking that the greatest fear of a Nuclear Holocaust has finally come to an end. Major powers, especially the two mentioned superpowers, started to sign every treaties and agreements in reduction and dismantling of nuclear arsenal.

How soon is now when that that great fear of a nuclear war has come to hound us back again like a lapping dog? Or is it like a monkey on our back?

North Korea surprised the world when it announced most recently that it was backing out of the six-nation talk slated September this year due to "unfavorable conditions". Originally, the hermitic communist country requested a one-on-one row with the United States Government but George Bush declined this entreaty saying that multilateral talks are more advantageous. Honestly, I couldn’t see the difference. What matters most in North Korea’s mind is that it needs some sort of privacy when it demanded formally that only the U.S. should talk with them. Most of North Korea’s demands are centered on eking out a better-than-good deal consisting of huge dollar aids. Simply said, they are only willing to stop their nuclear weapons program if they get huge amount of real money. This is sort of embarrassing for them since this is none different than a hold-up in broad daylight. If you won’t give us money, there’d be hell.

In my view, North Korea is being childish and a rogue at its worst. The Korean Peninsula is the hottest zone there is at present after only Kashmir and the world could not afford to watch and see the prevalence of hot weapons like a nuclear bomb in that area. Every path must be pursued with great caution and with utmost diligence.

I think the United States could easily convince countries like North Korea and Iran to back down from their nuclear ambitions if they themselves dismantle their nuclear arsenal to a nil. How could you say that I have some ugly mole in my face if you have one yourself? France continues to stain the South Seas with its arms testing and China surely had armed themselves to the teeth with these kind of murderous toys.

The United nation should enter the fray and demand that every nation on earth must be nuclear-free and not only the so-called "rogue nations". Completely nuclear-free and no denying or confirming to that. What’s in your mind?


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