Will The Sex Bomb Girls Split-Up Soon?

On TV this weekend are less profound matters such as the reported split-up of the famous girl band/dance group The Sex Bomb Girls. The rumblings within the group are supposedly caused by jealousy among members based on discrepancies in take home pays (as if we are still surprised that these things happen) as well as who should be the main stars of the group. In the GMA Network’s showbiz talk show Star Talk on Saturday, main host Joey de Leon has added some color to the issue by castigating rival shows from the “other network” for interviewing members of the girl group when in fact they are not talents of said station. This particular tirade of Mr. De Leon had me scanning my mind for issues of press freedom and the public’s right for information. I was thinking that it was sort of absurd for TV stations to restrict interviews of their own talents even by showbiz reporters from other stations since this would be tantamount to violation of press freedom. They could only restrict appearance of their contract talents in shows from other networks but not for interviews aimed at queries and clarifications on issues that are the current talk of the biz town. Such things should be a matter of prerogative.

While watching further weekend TV staple, I surfed through The Buzz, the showbiz telemagazine of ABS-CBN on Sundays. I have observed that most of their content that afternoon was all about talents from GMA Network. Hmmmm…Maybe Mr. De Leon had a point. It felt like ABS-CBN were a little mocking when they overly done their privileged intrusion into the lives of GMA talents. Take note of this, The Buzz gossip line-up was about: Dino Guevarra, The Sex Bomb Girls, and Ethel Booba—all GMA talents. When these sort of things happen, you could smell some kind of travesty but I hope I am mistaken.

So do you think the Sex Bomb Girls would split up soon?
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