Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Odd News: Snow on Mars and Shark Saves a Man

Clearly this would an odd post for this blog but I just could not help but write about it. Just this afternoon two very interesting news hugged the headlines over at Yahoo!

The first one is about Mars experiencing snow fall after all. The news item goes to query why we have learned about it only now. The Nasa Mars Orbiter had apparently detected ‘dry ice’ or frozen carbon-dioxide in some portion of the planet, which would be Mar’s atmosphere turning into snowflakes upon cold environment. Accordingly, this would explain the ice accumulation over at the planet’s South Pole.

Well, it’s so odd and could have been equally astounding if the snowflakes were made of water, just like on Earth. But it’s iced carbon-dioxide and with that, we could not still hope for any life form on the planet’s harsh red environment. Unless, unless some organism could live on a strict diet of carbon dioxide, which I think some bacteria do survive that way here on Earth - So hope still springs eternal.

And for the other ‘odd news’ – Listen to this, and believe or not, but a shark actually saved a man’s life who was floating for 15 weeks off the shore of South Florida. The man was a police officer who got stranded in the ocean and fell so weak and hummed into sleep. And then something moved below his boat, a shark bumped his boat so hard that he woke up and just right about that time, another boat was passing by, and so he flagged the other boat and went into safety. He could have been dead if it were not for the shark.

So this one is for the Ripley’s – believe it or not.


  1. This are odd news indeed. Maybe it's possible than some simple being can survive in Mars environment or maybe in the future as the universe is evolving. The shark story was a bit funny as the shark hit the boat by accident and the rest is history. Divine intervention perhaps?

  2. I've heard bout microbes feeding on carbon dioxide; so its possible Franc :-)

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