Monday, July 09, 2012

Will Jeremy Lin Choose ‘Linsanity’ Over Big Pay-Up from Houston?

Let’s face it, Knicks' fans has a lot of renewed expectations for the upcoming season starting November and among them is the resumption of the exhilarating Jeremy Lin fever (more known as ‘Linsanity) that had caught up over the fans over there starting last season. Remember how Madison Square Garden got filled with Linsanity insignias from down the courtside up to the high bleachers. It was an amazing experience that everyone in Knicks boardroom got excited and rolling – just as with the New York fans. Streaking wins, headline postings, international attention – this was phenomenon written all over.

Now there comes talk about Lin being shipped – or ratheragreeing to hop over to the Houston Rockets after some insider info had Linagreeing to the offer sheet handed by the Rockets management just several daysago. The contract bait reportedly amounted to a whopping $ 30 Million over a four year period with a tempting $5.5 Milion first year take and an optional $ $9.M final pay-up in the fourth year.

While it was reported that Knicks is expected to match the offer – to retain that ‘Linsanity’ thing going on inside MSG – the $9 Million final payment clause offered by the Rockets becomes a ‘poison pill’ that Knicks would be hard-pressed to match up, no matter how ever they want Lin back. But Knicks fan is keeping their fingers crossed, with only days till Knicks management would match or not-match the offer made by Houston.

It should be a little unfortunate that this situation should arise, but upon realizing, Lin, being a free agent himself, could not evade offer sheets from other NBA teams. Remember, NBA is a business and being an NBA player is a professional occupation.

But if Lim moves on to the Rockets for next season, what becomes of ‘Linsanity’ becomes an uncertainty. Now that he had copyrighted the name for himself, what value could it become, would it increase or decrease?

In my view, ‘Linsanity’ is so much connected to the Knicks franchise and MSG; it’s the team and arena where it all began, with the distinctive blue jerseys lined in red from the sides. That’s the picture of ‘Linsanity’, and not the red-all-over jersey theme of the Rockets.

And so, what happens to ‘Linsanity’ when Lin finally hops over to the Rockets? Or should he stay in New York and keep the magic alive?


  1. Anonymous7:46 AM GMT+8

    Who the fuck gives a fucking shit?

  2. Anonymous7:47 AM GMT+8

    Who the fuck gives a fucking shit?


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