Greyhoundz Reminds Us Who's the NU Pinoy Rap-Metal Boss with "Shoot to Kill"

Greyhoundz, the internationally-acclaimed Pinoy NU metal-rap group comes up with the strong-pedaling tune that reinstates itself as the country’s top rock act. Greyhoundz puts “Shoot to Kill” high on the mark when it comes to good rock music for me. Albeit  that it is not a new single, It got me kind of excited while watching it over MYX music channel. This group never fail to amaze me every now and then.

“Shoot to Kill” revs up with a repetitive fast rhythm that is ultimately danceable while not being subtle as a dance music. Maybe this one tune could become a brand new genre of its own - dance-rock.

Are you shoot to kill? Are you shoot to kill? Or what?

For those unfamiliar with the rap-metal group, Greyhoundz gained international regcognition when it was included in the Spiderman movie soundtrack that was aimed for release in Asia-Pacific region. Now that’s just as cool as Wolfgang’s own achievement.

And besides, while I've always set aside new pinoy local rock acts for being too general and derivative, Greyhoundz had brought my faith back to Pinoy rock! And that's solid faith.
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I think they deserve the an award and so with the other Filipino group band. We have a lot of talented performer here if given the right support, our performers will really go places...:D

Y.B. Masdal
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You're so right mavic, Greyhoundz proves that. I always thought Wolfgang could have been bigger internationally than what it is right now. In due time, one of these great local bands would finally break into the international arena. The dawn made some splash in Europe a decade ago.. :-)

Bean norelle
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