Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where Does the Road to Sansha City Leads To?

Where does the road to Sansha City leads to? Well, there is no such road. One has to navigate into the middle of the ocean, err, the West Philippine Sea, or South China Sea in order to get there.

Established just this most recently, July 24 to be exact, Sansha City boast of 440 city dwellers, which could actually be as high as 1000 inhabitants upon closer survey.

To the dismay of Vietnam – and of course of the Philippines – China had just established a military garrison right into the middle of the highly disputed Paracel Islands, just within 100 kilometer of Pagasa Island.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said Thursday that the military post shall be aimed at “defense mobilization, militia reserves, the relationship between the garrison and local government as well as the city guard, support for the city’s disaster rescue and relief work, and direct militia and reserve troops in the city of Sansha.”

Thereby, among the competing countries, China is coming one-step closer at having a lock on all the disputed territories.

Upon learning about the installation of the military garrison, the Philippines immediately issued diplomatic protest, complaining about the announcement. 

It pays to be big in everything, such as China. With a gargantuan economy and newly-found wealth, it could afford to create and artificialized a city in the middle of nowhere. Where at least, we did pare a little by establishing a municipality in Kalayaan while at every means, there would have not been any Filipino wanting to live and reside there, especially when Chinese gunboats are prowling somewhere near all the time. One could say, China has gotten some idea from us.

Now this Sansha City becomes ultimately strategic for China where if left entirely unopposed, the military garrison there could be used as launch pad for military and naval maneuvers. This shows how hell-bent China in its attempt to dominate the West Philippine Sea and the entire South China Sea. If we do not suspect that China has a hidden imperial ambition over all Asia in the future, then we must be foolish that way.



  1. imperial ambition, from china?

  2. yes china has ambition to take over USA and become world leader.

  3. @ AguiLeon : We could not discount the possibility in the future. remember that history almost always repeats itself.

    @ SM : That seems to be consequential for any rising nation to have ambition of; it's all about power, addiction to power, desire and egoistic tendencies to rule the world...

  4. more power for the phil.

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