Monday, July 30, 2012

The Killers Comes Up with "Battle Born"

The Killers fans around the world have something great to celebrate as the band announces the upcoming release of its fourth studio album, after 2008’s highly successful outing with "Day & Age". The soon-to-be released album is entitled “Battle Born’, a grand paean to their home state Nevada, whose flag carries the phrase.

Made to speak about the album, band leader Brandon Flowers quipped rather so gallantly that, "In a sense, all Americans are battle born. Our ancestors came here for something better."

That’s quite a patriotic pronouncement of being an American and a Nevadan.

A video teaser has been released by the band, opening up with a rhythmic rumbling of tribal drums amidst a fiery sunset, fire and music, these elements had seem to demonstrate the intensity of The Killers work most recently.

Already running in the Internet airwaves is the released single “Runaways”. It has a grand entrance reminiscent of U2’s “Where the Street Have No Names”, such similarity couldn’t be evaded as the band is typically so associated with them, even engaging U2 producers Daniel Lanois and Steve Lilywhite.

“Runaways” continues the sound principle of "Day & Age" - sharp and shifty drumbeats and rising keyboards with ultra-melodic stanzas that heightens towards anthemic choruses. And since the last album was such a mystically memorable work, we won’t really mind if such themes are offered once again by Brandon and the rest of the gang. Keep the magic going on guys.

And for one, I used to play "Day & Age" over and over again and I do not get tiredof it at all, even upto now. So if “Battle Born” turns out to be Day & Age Part 2, then so it shall be. Continue the enjoyment.
Though of course, we could always expect something new from the guys.

Other songs contained in “Battle Born” include “Heart Of A Girl”, “Flesh And Bone”, “Carry Me Home” and “Runaways”, with production work by Steven Lillywhite (U2), Brendan O’Brien (Flowers’ solo LP Flamingo) and Stuart Price, who produced the group’s previous album, 2008′s Day & Age.
The album will be released in September.


  1. I like their songs... Upbeat and alive. I'll listen to the rest of the track when it comes out.

  2. I haven't heard of these guys. And that's because I'm so out-dated with music...waahhh!!!

  3. Actually...
    I only heard this band upon reading this post.
    KILLERS... what a striking band name!

  4. hmmn I haven't heard them maybe I am so outdated na when it comes to music

  5. I've never heard of the Killers before so this is my first time :) I was expecting a darker tone but the first video was actually relaxing :)

  6. @ Franc : That should be an appropriate description of their music... upbeat and alive :-)

  7. @ beingwell: try listening to their music, their dancy and popular... :-)

  8. @ Marri : Yeah, the band name seem so notorious and as you say, interesting...strong but we won't like anybody to be killers...

  9. @ Chrisair : Their a very new generation band that's why :-)

  10. @ pinoywit : really danceable music, not so uncharacteristic about their band name :-)

  11. I like their songs ,,,I like upbeat and alive songs,,we can dance's great

  12. @ AguiLeon and Ruben : They're once touted as the next big thing in rock and roll, that's how good they are :-)

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