Friday, September 28, 2012

The Killer's "Battle Born" Debuts at Number 3 in Billboard Top Albums Chart

The Killer’s “Battle Born” bursts into the market just today and debuts at #3 at the Billboard Top 200 Albums and every Killers fans should be so excited to the high heavens. Oh they should have been on top of the charts were it not for Pink and Kanye West, but they should remain at the top ranks for weeks and weeks to go judging by the preview of songs available in this album site The Killers – Battle Born (where you could drive along listening to 12 new songs from the Las Vegas band.)

The album opens up with “Flesh and Bone” a number coming strongly on the vein of “Human”, discussing the same philosophy of existence, the instance of being human, questioning the humanity and the person. It has an upbeat rhythm that gives back justice to their status as one of the biggest band in the world today and most exciting and anticipated – being above the rest.

In “Runaways” – the album’s carrier single – is resplendent with innovative keyboards that only the band could provide.

By the succeeding songs, from “The Way It Was” and “Here With Me”, the Killers surprises the fans with an entirely new approach to their music, probably the most enervating thing about this album, where the band delves into deep emotionality of love songs and sentimentality.

“Deadlines and Commitments” gives paean to their punk/new wave roots and serenades with crisp undulating melodies and heaves with danceable chorus that should be well received in every fancy bar anywhere and everywhere.

The downside of this work is that Brendan Flowers and the rest of the gang had not really took off from their last album “Day & Age”, perhaps holding on to its success, both commercially and artistically. There should be nothing wrong with that but when everything becomes formulaic for a band, then it is not a good thing; when in fact in two or three songs in the album, the band looked as if they’re ready to evolve into the next level, but somehow, retreated and held off that move. It is sad like that.

At this point, “Battle Born” becomes a merely a mediocre imitation of “Day & Age”.

But all in all, “Battle Born” becomes one enjoyable ride just like “Day & Age”.

Maybe in the next outing, the Killers should be ready enough to evolve and brace themselves into the next level of rock immortality. This is a band that is just waiting for their “Achtung Baby!”



  1. Hi! I would like to recommend this! It is Pentatonix! They might not be rock but they can take music to another level!

    1. Ok Patrick, thanks for the share. I'll check them out and i'll let you know what i think about them later :-)

  2. At least they have loyal following and enabled their new song Battle Born debut at number 3 and maybe it's the similarity to Day and Age that endears it to its followers.

    1. That would be the case Franc; they must have peaked so well with Day & Age, that it was just difficult to come up with a much better work...

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