Who would have thought that Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson would one day be given some brash treatment? The chief executive of the very successful Old Trafford soccer team, Mr. David Gill, made public his sentiments lately that Ferguson is not untouchable after all and he is completely “sackable”. This may hurt some pride and let focus be in disarray now that Manchester United still has the chance of catching-up with league-leading Chelsea, no matter how slim it is. Players tend to be discouraged if their beloved coaches feels gloomy and burdened.This Old Trafford team is apparently so successful in the past that it hasn’t failed to win a Premier League title at least once in every couple of season. If it falters in its run to overcome Chelsea this season, this’ll be its worst run in a long while.

This apparent picking on the English soccer great Ferguson was sparked by 100% slump in profits for the first half of the year. Reports went out that this year’s earnings for the first half of the season was merely £12.4 million, down from £26.8 million over the same periodlast year . David Gill might have that owners’ mentality that coaches always take the brunt for a team’s misfortune, when we know that this is not so. Teams go down through many other factors, like spoiled players or uninspired playing.

David Gill may just be expecting too much from a team that is doing relatively good despite the lost of many of its star players like David Beckham, Skolgaer and Barthez through transfers. What it is now is a team full of youth in Ronaldo, Rooney and Van Nilstelrooy and no matter how talented these young guys are, they still need to mature and aged in a very competitive atmosphere like the English Premiere League. Gill is a little overarching and if Manchester United loses Ferguson, it may take in more losses for it would completely alter the look and feel of the Old Trafford team now that David Beckham is dancing tango in the Spanish Primera Liga. Fans may distance themselves from Manchester United all the more if Ferguson decide to leave. What a bad time to have bad tongue and be tactless.
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