Keane Live in Manila

One of my favorite new bands is coming to Manila. Keane will render their soothing and extremely likeable music to local fans on October 2, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Keane is not exactly a new band but in the generation after U2, Depeche Mode and Oasis, this band showed a lot promise with ethereal work that marks great maturity and perchance for memorable melodies.

They cite several artists as influences such as REM, U2 and Michael Jackson but to me, they represent complete originality as their work is so unique by themselves that one could call it the “Keane Sound”. It’s a band that uses more piano than guitar and they are completely unique at that.

They reached the height of popularity in 2008 with their third album Perfect Symmetry. It was an incandescent album, one that I could say could belong in the soundtrack of my life, at least in the last decade, a time full of zest and sentimentality, a time that I cherished well and never regret.

Tom Chaplin effortlessly renders the band’s songs with his calming voice, one that rises with extreme emotionality without the yells and howls. It’s not common among vocalists.

Perfect Symmetry was one of those rare feats by a band, a work that shines and impresses from beginning to end, no fillers involved and no empty moments. Every song comes alive on its own, touching ones thoughts and emotions as if a beautiful memory of a long forgotten era.

I haven’t heard any of their songs from their latest album Strangeland but their new songs would surely be a bonus to local fans that would troop to their concert next month. I am sure it’ll be one fun and sublime night for them.

This is my most favorite number in Perfect Symmetry, "You Don't See Me":

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