U.S. Government Peeps Into Millions of Emails of It's Own Citizens

An irony in democracy becomes of the United States of America when its own government becomes intense controller and monitor of free speech, and more so, of private communications. A former National Security Agency (NSA) official makes an exposé in an interview with Democracy Now! on his former agency’s unusual routine of peeping into trillionss of emails, phone calls and other messages within America, by citizens and foreign individuals who are deemed inclined to be involved in acts threatening security.

William Binney had become a whistle-blower resulting in FBI raiding his home. According to Binney, domestic surveillance have become increased tremendously in President Barack Obama’s regime, about 320 million personal profiles were created as a result of the data gathering activity by NSA, all these without any warrant.

Binney – who is known to be one of the best code breaker and mathematician in NSA’s history - claimed that he had left NSA in 2001 after he had learned that the government was planning to use a program he had helped create for domestic surveillance on private citizens.

An 8 minute video by Laura Poitras in New York Times detailed Binney’s explanation how the program could virtually sum up a subjects life “in every type of activity and build a profile based on that data.
"So that now I can pull your entire life together from all those domains and map it out and show your entire life over time," Binney says.

Poitras herself had been detained and questioned upon forty times by U.S. authorities.

Binney had scoffed at this idea primarily calling such process “totalitarian” that reminds everyone the vicious acts of KGB, the Stasi and Gestapo.

The dometic surveillance activity is so prevalent that for certain it is one for the books. And before you make that next email or phone messages, especially into and out of America, be aware that it might be cc copied into NSA’s data profile vaults.
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