When I was in highschool, Michael Petralba, an old neighborhood friend from Carmen Street but who is now residing in Los Angeles, once s...

DEUTERIUM : The White Gold of The Philippines

When I was in highschool, Michael Petralba, an old neighborhood friend from Carmen Street but who is now residing in Los Angeles, once spoke to me in a very animated fashion how the Philippines could one day become the richest country in the world. As a prelude, Michael said to me that his father had some vital information why a number of foreigners were in the country for a very secret purpose. I wondered loudly to him how secret it was and asked him if he could actually let me know some of the “secret’. He then informed me without hesitation that the foreigners were here mainly to study and find out ways on how to extract deuterium from the Philippine seas. I asked how come his father knew about all those stuff and what “deuterium” was in the first place. With gasping breath, and with gleaming pride for that matter, Michael told me as a matter of fact that his father was a war veteran and because of this, he had American contacts in the CIA. The CIA thing sounded preposterous to me at that time but when I recently read some articles in the Internet about deuterium, I started to wonder if the CIAtalk of Michael was plausible after all and that maybe the CIA was behind the sudden departure of Michael’s whole family to Los Angeles later that year, where in a year’s time he was already driving a very exotic looking red corvette (might be from second hand store) as evidenced by a picture that he had sent to the neighborhood kids through a very kind uncle. This story may start to sound like a brimming Tom Clancy thriller but before anything gets out of hand, that CIA talk of Michael is just that and nothing else to it I am pretty sure on that and their immigration to America was due mainly to his father being a USAFFE during World War II. But Michael’s rambling on deuterium was completely a different matter—-it sounded to me then so awfully good that I had wished it to be true already even though it wasn’t true at all at that time, and even now.
There is really something to this issue on deuterium that lingers long and never goes away completely. It had been virtually popping and bobbing up in the local media every now and then—-especially in the last couple of decades. The Cebu-based news outfit The Freeman published the most recent news article on deuterium. In that article, Freeman publicized a certain study on deuterium by a Filipino scientist working in a Canadian agency. Canada by the way is the world’s leading producer and consumer of deuterium as an energy source. There had been many rumors and hush-hush talks before about certain groups of foreigners, possibly American and sometimes German, that were in the country to initiate drilling projects that should siphon-off the coveted deuterium from the Philippine seas. All those talks just died down however and nobody really minded them, perhaps everyone just disregarded some weird-sounding element that is supposedly found in the Philippines in great volume. In fact, even as we speak now, I would not be surprised if Exxon or Shell has some of its people working night and day trying to unravel the key to gathering the millions of barrels of “white gold” underneath our seas.
It was reported several years ago that the United States Government, through the Department of Energy and General Motors had unveiled an $88 Million joint project in order to put a fleet of hydrogen-fuelled cars on the streets of Washington D.C., New York and Los Angeles within a year’s time. The fleet would consist merely of 40 of such cars but most of the money would be spent on putting up a number of hydrogen refueling stations all over the streets of those pilot cities since the main cause why consumers are not buying too many hydrogen-fuelled cars these days is basically due to the lack of gas stations peddling or selling hydrogen gas or liquid hydrogen. Come to think of it, even if any of us had all the money to buy this car stuff right now, like for example if some of us are sons and daughters of Taipans with money to burn, we wouldn’t be able to use them anyway, at least not for long, unless we all fly all the way to America to buy gallons and gallons of hydrogen fuel.
But again come to think about the possibilities. If only there were enough hydrogen-refueling stations all over our city streets, our days of being dependent on crude oil (freshly-drilled from the dusty sands of Sahara) would soon be over and our atmosphere would be a lot more livable since the only end product of hydrogen fuels is water. Water, instead of carbon dioxides that make our urban landscape looked orange or yellow at dusk.
I really hope that this project of GM and the United States Government would entirely succeed for reasons that we all should know by now.
And so this bit of news on hydrogen-fuelled cars reminded me of the high school talk I had with an old friend from the neighborhood concerning deuterium. What is deuterium and how does it become an energy source? Deuterium is the end product when a common tap water (H2O) is subjected to enormous pressurize of gigantic proportion that the oxygen element in the H2O compound is forced out of the combination, making the hydrogen element to purify and consolidated all the more. Since in deuterium, the hydrogen becomes so solid and unadulterated, hydrogen gas can be easily obtained from it since a natural electrolysis happens immediately the moment deuterium is exposed to room temperature. Meaning to say, when deuterium is used as a base in obtaining hydrogen gas, the generation process is much less expensive. Right now, hydrogen gas and liquid hydrogen that are often used to power jets and giant trucks, are sold at very steep prices (much more expensive than gasoline) because it is so costly to produce them, necessitating an energy-consuming and lengthy electrolysis process that are undertaken in order to separate the hydrogen compound from common water. When deuterium is used, the very expensive process of electrolysis would be bypassed and set aside in the production of hydrogen gas and therefore, obtaining hydrogen fuel becomes more efficient and less expensive by a mile.
The Philippines is identified to hold the greatest amount of deuterium deposit, somewhere in the area known as Mindanao Trench, the part of the Pacific Ocean just off the shores of Surigao. Deuterium is most prevalent in an area more widely known in the whole world as The Philipppine Deep. In the Freeman news article (dated August 2004), Dr. Anthony B. Halog, the Filipino scientist working at the Sustainable Technology Office of the Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology, and the National Research Council of Canada described the Philippine deuterium wealth in this manner:
“A big deposit of 868 miles long, 52 miles at widest point, and 3 miles at deepest point, replenished by nature 24 hours a day after deuterium travels more than 12,000 kilometers from Central America to the Philippines through the span of the Pacific Ocean when Planet Earth turns on its axis from West to East in unending perpetual motion.”
And it’s potential in this breathe:
“At 12 million barrels per day capacity priced at US$7.00 per barrel, this is US$84 million per day or US$30.66 billion per year, enough to wipe out all existing foreign debts of the Government in one year, revenue-wise in foreign exchange.Public works, private construction, economic and financial booms are expected to happen in the Philippines in the same manner as those which happened in the Middle East and financial centers of the world from 1974 to 1984, with everybody earning their respective comfortable livelihood, while pricing basic prime necessities at reasonable and affordable levels.”
At present, deuterium seems to be produce exclusively through an expensive synthesizing process, by subjecting ordinary tap water to enormous pressure using some highly-advanced machinery or equipment and thus the price of hydrogen fuel remain relatively out of reach from the ordinary consumers of fuels. But if the deuterium deposit under the Philippine seas can be obtained, hydrogen gas prices could become far more reasonable and affordable. If natural deuterium is utilized as the base in the production of hydrogen fuel—-in both its most widely used form as hydrogen gas and liquid hydrogen—-the generation process would become more efficient and much cheaper. And mind you, deuterium as a source of energy is not only useful to power cars, trucks and planes. It is also being utilized to power factories and power plants in the same manner that nuclear power plants are operated. With deuterium as moderator, nuclear power plants could do away with enriched uranium as a main fuel source and this means, deuterium use could generate a whole new species of power plants that are a lot safer—-safer by a grand mile.
The problem faced by those who wants to extract natural deuterium from the Philippines seas is probably the enormous pressure that is existing in the very area where deuterium are supposed to be found. To reach the area of deuterium concentration, a drilling system should reach a level of at least 30,000 feet deep into the ocean, where the water pressure could reach as high as 10,000 psi, or the equivalent of 10,000 tons of load pressuring from all direction. Apparently, there is no material known today that could withstand such enormous amount of pressure. Maybe diamonds could be strong enough to endure the extraordinary pressure down there but imagine how much diamonds should be needed in order to manufacture a very long tube. That’ll be unimaginable in both cost and expanse. But scientists nowadays always finds a way and when the time comes that a kind of metal could actually be developed, one that could reach ten thousand meters underwater without breaking apart and efficiently drill out barrels and barrels of sea water that contains deuterium, then that’ll be the time the Philippines could become the main hawker of fuels for the world’s cars, airplanes, buses, factories, power plants and whatever that runs and hums not by its own accord.
So deuterium may be the gasoline of the future, the main energy source of the next millennium, and the Philippines is the only country that has them naturally tucked under its seabed in an amount and breathe that replenishes on its own every time the Earth rotates and the sea shifts from side to side.


  1. It will be extracted in Gods time,..be patient Philippines you are destined to be famous in Gods time,..God Bless the Philippines

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM GMT+8


      "In God's Time...."

      Yes, Anonymous....I totally agree..."in God's time."

      It is the destiny of the Filipino people to be the best that mankind has ever been.

      It needs prayer...constant prayer...for it to be finally be revealed.

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM GMT+8


      ..It is the destiny of the Philippines to be the greatest country and its greates splendor that mankind will ever see in this universe.

      It needs prayer...constant prayer...for it to finally be revealed to the whole world.

    3. Philippines is the greatest country that created by GOD.............
      But the worst leader (politician)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      One day Filipinos kababayan will realized or face the reality.
      Watch Out Corrupt POLITICIAN!!!!!!!

    4. So that's why china is conquering all parts of the south china sea... China already knows that we have deuterium in the philippines. this could be a threat to them because philippines will rise to the top just like Saudi Arabia once the deuterium and oil is extracted... Economy of the philippines will rise and boom!!! Yeah!! Enough to wipe out poverty.. Philippines will be the richest country in the world as the prophecy tells or foretold before the end time comes... READ Nostradamus prophecy about the philippines

    5. Anonymous5:22 AM GMT+8

      did they consider horizontal extraction?

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM GMT+8

    That's roughly ten kilometers deep. But considering how fast technology advances these days, it might not take ten years for our scientist to develop the technology that will enable mankind to gain access to an abundant supply of deuterium.

  3. Anonymous9:26 PM GMT+8


  4. Anonymous4:06 PM GMT+8

    Graphene is the strongest material ever tested: 'even stronger than diamond'. I wish it will happen! My father will stay with us and never go back to Saudi Arabia. Rheanny.

  5. Anonymous9:45 AM GMT+8

    ang tingin ko magagamit lang ang Deuterium sa tamang panahon kapag yung mga namumuno na sa bansa ay hindi na kurakot dahil hindi ibibigay sa atin ng mga Higher Beings yung paraan kung paano ma-process itong deuterium. Gaya din ng gold na nakatago sa Pilipinas hindi mailalabas yan hanggang hindi nagiging matino yung mga leaders natin.

  6. Anonymous5:18 PM GMT+8

    Tama yan sinabe mo!!! malapit na hntay lang tayo sa time.

  7. Titiba nanaman ang mga kampon...bwahahahahahungry...

  8. Mr Benigno Aquino,
    Andaming paraan at resources pala ng ating bansa para mapunlad natin ito.
    Sa ilang taon mo sa upuan na yan, bkt hndi mo naiisipang pagyamanin itong mga energy resources na ito?
    Abay 3milyong dolyares ay pwd n ipang puhunan dyn s isang proyekto. E kung utangin muna natin sa mga senador at kongresista ang puhunan na yan? Isang taon lng naman ang uutangin natin sakanila? In fact, pera nga nating mamamayan ang sinasabi ko na uutangin pa natin sa kanila!
    Atsaka db may dalawang company na ang naghahalukay ng mga enerhiya sa dakong mindanao, hndi mo ba naitanong kung nasaan na ang mga kinita ng dalawang kumpanya?! Malampaya company at uung isa hndi ko mtandaan. Subukan mo lang ibigay ang puso mo sa ating bayan sa mga nalalabi mong termino bilang pangulo ng pilipinas.

    1. Sorry friend, it's the right time for the opening of Deuterium gas. God knows. Let's wait for the exact time.Philippines will be soon rich. Other countries will invade , Philippines soon. . .

  9. patay na tau di pa natin maabutan to..

  10. Anonymous5:33 PM GMT+8

    Nawa ay magising na sa katotohan ang mga namumuno at nagpapatakbo ng ating bansa, Linisin nawa ang kanilang budhi na hindi lamang pansariling kapakanan ang intindihin bagkus ay ang para sa buong Sambayanag Pilipino, ipagdasal natin na maging malinis, wagas at walang bahid ang kaisipan ng ating pangulo, Pangalawang Pangulo, mga butihing senador at kongresista na magsamasama sa iisang desisyon ang lubusang maningning nilang isipan na mapunduhan at mapakinabangan na ang yaman na ito.

  11. Anonymous4:53 PM GMT+8

    Just call me Mr. Commentator

    The way our goverment handle our natural resources to day its little be secure than before. I remember when I was in west nilapakan oil reg I hear about the profit chearing before what our goverment say is 40,60 to the philippines goverment and 40 to the investor but now the reverse 40 to philippines and 60 to the investor acording to them 20 goes to security, salary, and other missiliuos item. If our all goverment official stand what the said during there campain.

  12. Anonymous3:38 PM GMT+8

    I believe that if our public officials will work hard for the Pilipino people. Our country Philippines, will become great again why? Where you can find a place like Philippines that if you throw the seed out to the window this will grow it’s only happened in the Philippines. Look like this national ID for every Pilipino still pending because according to our some law making body it will divest to our privacy.

    What privacy they are taking about, they will protect there own interest every time we take some clearance we always submit everything so what privacy they are taking about? Our national ID is the bases of our exciting us a Pilipino citizen and it easy for our law enforcer to check and to locate every one of us if there something wrong. That’s the thing that our public official is afraid of; they create the alibi to invade our privacy. I observe that every topic they discus is to be benefited by the Pilipino people are always pending.

    Regarding our natural resources it’s a matter of time everything are in place since our government are serious about it, not like before you can’t even here from them. Like our armed forces they topic of modernization it almost overdue, guy we are very lucky that we have very good soldier, do you believe that our soldier go on mission for almost a week and there food are bread and sardine? Do you believe that but that thru? because I have done it. In spratly our soldier they use M16, 5.56 ripple while there opponent use missile and machinegun, that the modernization of our pervious public official.

    For us the profit charring of 40, 60 is good start 40 to the Philippines government and 60 to the investor according to them 20 will used finance for salary, security and other things. They on going negotiation of the Philippines and American government regarding Subic and clack airbase, to give them more access of there airplane, ships in our land and water territory it our best interest. At lest it will give us time to build our Armed forces and time for us to negotiate to those interested party about our natural recourses.

    In my previous information we have 17 trillion cubic barrels of oil and natural gas while we waiting for the deuterium to be open for discussion and may be our government is serious for negotiation to every investor that are welling to invest in gas and oil. I know we have oil and gas I always observer those message about our soil sample send to America for confirmation and evaluation during 1990 at west nelapacan reg.

    By : R.A

  13. Anonymous6:18 PM GMT+8

    political will can do this...magising na sana ang ating mga pulitiko..

  14. tiwala lang, babangon rin ang Pilipinas, unti-unti ng namumulat ang mga Pinoy ngaun dahil sa mga Media na walang takot na magbalita,.at ang mga kabataan ngayon ay nagiging makabayan na at mas nagiging matapang upang harapin ang hamon ng ibang bansa. Hindi mag tatagal uunlad rin ang ating bansa, GOD BLESS THE PHILPPINES

  15. Anonymous4:57 AM GMT+8

    baka nga nabinta na ni corry at ramos ang minas nayan

  16. Anonymous5:49 PM GMT+8


  17. Anonymous8:12 PM GMT+8

    Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS !!!

  18. Mankind must mature to the level of not being consumed by the amount of money and power any nation will have. Instead, mankind must understand its true purpose of living to become immortal in the sense that all human beings will leave something behind of real physical value for future generations. This is the only purpose of one's life. This is the moral responsiblity that man owe to its own species. Man's greed and corruption is the opponent of this universal principle. And this evil is called the Oligarchical Principle that controls the world today through all sectors of society. Religion, government, banks, etc. Go to the Larouche website to understand what is the true nature of mankind.

  19. Anonymous9:02 PM GMT+8

    sana naman masimulan na nila ang deuterium project ....ASAP!!!!

  20. Anonymous2:42 PM GMT+8

    MALAPIT NA!!! APRIL 11, 2024, two yrs after the presidential election, will START THE GOVT. OF GOD...we call it THEOCRATIC FORM OF GOV'T....kuntng tiis nalang, sa Pinas ito magsimula

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  23. Tirso Cruz Jr11:16 AM GMT+8

    The Philippines, knowingly, is sleeping in a silver platter. It is just our leaders keep themselves blind because of personal interest. What we Filipinos need is a leader who has the heart for the nation and a mind to carry out his love to this countrymen.

  24. What we need is collective voice and action. Alamo Kong dyan magaling ang ordinaryong Pinoy, sa bayanihan. Dapat wag tayo matakot Sabihin gusto natin mangyari sa government. Tutal eh Ginawa gobyerno para sa Tao. Ang government dapat ay Patakbuhin na matatalino at mabuting lider para sa ikakabuti at ikakasaya ng lahat!

  25. Anonymous7:06 PM GMT+8

    Let us stop corruption, politics put into garbage and lets have a leader being fear God and knows the needs of his people and uses our natural resources for the best interest of our people. mabuhay ang Pilipinas..God Bless Philippines

  26. Read Roman 8:1-13 for the surefire remedy sa sakit ng atin bayan Pilipinas at ng buong sanlibutan....Amen !!

  27. I should be that leader but my candidacy is still filed for Certiorari at the Supreme Court. Our real problem is graft and corruption in the government --- how our laws are being manipulated by those in power thru Implementing Rules and Regulations. For example our election laws are well intended for all Filipinos but the COMELEC set some rules on how to limit candidates by way of financial and popularity criteria regardless of the platform of government. On top of this, the COMELEC set a financial benchmark and multi-party system for each position that most candidate can not afford opening opportunities for financial speculators, gambling and drug lords, conspirators and even foreign power like China to come into play. This high election expenditure prompts politicians to safeguard their party interest setting aside the benefit of the nation to stay in power. Hence, corruption and conspiracy remains in our system. to address this problem on corruption, election campaigns must be platform-based that must be debated among Presidential candidates in nationwide telecast for voters to discern whom to vote. This eliminate vote-buying and dirty-expensive campaigning that induce corruption. All IRRs must be approved by the President. supplementary Executive Order must be issued to prevent impending sources of corruption. All government employees must be entitled only to their salaries and authorized work/travel expenditures. Commissions, sidelines, gifts or other source of remunerations are strictly prohibited. Bank secrecy law does not apply to all government employees. Then our next problem is how the 115 million Filipinos are being mortgaged by the government for PhP6.0 trillion prompting us to pay yearly debt servicing of about PhP1.4 trillion. My book entitled "National Debt Solution and Procedural Injustice" shows workable solution to this that will free the government from reliance on loans for development using dual financial system like 90 other countries are doing including IMF.

  28. Anonymous4:06 PM GMT+8

    we hope and pray for the good fortune ahead of us, let us be vigilant and choose the next president who has the courage,determination and political will...for the peoples welfare...

  29. Anonymous1:41 AM GMT+8

    hoax. the heavy water thing has been debunked by scientists.

  30. Anonymous8:14 AM GMT+8

    Alam nang lahat na tayong mga Pilipino, mayaman kung walang coruption sa mga politician natin at pate tayong mamamayan (hindi lahat) peru majority. Kung tayo ay magtutulungan our country will be rich.

  31. There was a fish they saw at the bottom of the Philippine Deep as per the American explorers who were sent down via cabled steel cab in the 1960s. There are whales hunting and other fishes living comfortably at great depths. How do they do it? The hydrostatic pressure is applied in all directions inside and outside their bodies. At atmospheric pressure a tin can loaded with vacuum will be crushed? How do we do we survive? Pressure is applied in and out of our body, and therefore is at equilibrium.

    Running a long steel pipe down to 30,000 feet or more is the same way. At equilibrium pressures, the pipe will be unharmed.

    There is a disinterest among the Western capitalist in that, the economic "equilibrium" will be upset in favor of the Philippines. Western "capitalists" favor doing businesses with countries other than Catholic. This is a sad fact. Unless the Philippine government provide the investment and assemble scientists and engineers, the prospect will remain stagnant. Based on the $84 billion a year potential revenues, it would be justifiable for the Philippines to invest in the venture. Even at $100 billion investment, the return would be about a year and a quarter- a staggeringly short time- at a mere $7 a barrel, but this rate can go up higher when the world becomes equipped with the hydrogen fuel technology.

    What the Philippine government ought to do is, to finance and conduct a feasibility study; hire a reputable and trustworthy science and engineering group to analyze more scientifically, quantities of yearly extraction, available technologies for the extraction, estimate for capital cost, operating and maintenance cost, and schedule for construction of operations facilities.

    Switching all fuel facilities in the the Philippines to accept H2, may in itself justify the amount of capital investment in the venture depending up the capital cost. The rest of the world may be "extra fat."

    1. Btw, those in Engineering companies designing shore oil and gas rigs for energy companies would be your best bet to do the feasibility study. The energy companies themselves, like Exxon-Mobile would be biased against the project because it will put them out of business. Keep in mind the Engineering company you will employ, can be paid to provide false information by the oil and gas cartel. Perhaps promising to give them a piece-of-the-action may inspire them to do a good job.

      Exaggerated news is also possible; discernment and practical investing must also come into play, so possible loses can be acceptable.