IBT Article : Team USA Struggling in Pre-Olympic Games

Was just recently approved as a sportswriter/contributor for the International Business Times. My first article  discusses how the Team USA 2012 comprising of NBA superstars is struggling in its pre-Olympics tune up games. 

The game against Brazil was particularly telling as Team USA struggled with a double figure deficit in the opening minutes that had dragged towards near half-time. US President Barrack Obama was at courtside watching the game that after which, he made comments that this team would definitely lose to the 1992 Dream Team of Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan.

Well, it's hard to tell unless we have some kind of time travel to really determine.

Admittedly, Team USA 2012 is the most agile and youthful of all versions of the dream team. They romp and run the court so efficiently that the ball reaches both ends of the court  in a flash when Chris Paul or Kevin Durant is pushing the ball.

However, their recent games shows their inexperience as a team in international play and their defense becomes ultimately suspect.

Read more on this issue at the International Business Times Sportsnet page.
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