Friday, October 21, 2005

FVR Waddling In The Realm of Turncoatism

Something unsavory must have happened within the ranks of LAKAS strong bedfellows that now, the elder of all elders of that seemingly formidable political cluster has made a major turnaround and finally spoke against Malacañang. Former President Fidel V. Ramos now completes all three living former Philippine presidents desiring the ouster of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo aside from former presidents Corazon C. Aquino and Joseph Estrada. I never even thought that this day would come knowing how FVR had unbelievably become a fierce defender of the Arroyo government lately---but the day finally did come. In fact if you ask me, this huge “about face” of FVR seem to leave a bad taste in the mouth, even among anti-GMA factions and may just stain his reputation as a elder politician loyal to his political aggrupation, now that he dwells almost in the realm of turncoatism. Maybe, he'd hide behind the famous Manuel L. Quezon line: "My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins".

What could have happened amongst them? FVR’s back-tracking may be a spinal blow to President Arroyo now that the Makati Business Club had recently emphasized its continued disavowal to her staying in office, while the street marches these days become more and more boisterous and virulent, like the hundreds of farmers from out-of-town braving the elements just to walk miles and miles of rugged streets in order to bash the President (wherever could you find a fiercer determination than that?). Now it seems, everyone is going against the tide, like the ever-pronounced Church people. Seemingly, GMA has no one left to rest her shoulders on. If she survives until 2007, this might be a minor political miracle.

It must have been ambition that destroyed a once formidable political bond between GMA and FVR, a union almost like that of a father to his daughter. When GMA recently declared in front of a congregation of businessman that “the Philippines will get rich in 20 years”, FVR might have seen this as hint to another broken GMA promise---she might not be willing to give way to a parliamentary government come 2007 after all and may even perpetuate herself until 20 years from now (remember, she once broke a promise not to seek another term). You see, in a parliamentary system FVR could once more maneuver a major comeback as the country’s Head of State, like he always had wanted to. Now we see that Speaker Joe de Venecia---a strong FVR ally---is suddenly clamoring for an immediate convening of a constituent assembly, in order to change our system of government.

What we see here is an actual proof that in politics there are no permanent friends, only permanent enemies, or something to that effect.



  1. hay! kanya-kanya kasing interes....

  2. Major Tom,

    Lenee ‘s comment kinda sums it up for me too – kanya kanyang agenda. At the end of the day, you somehow incur the feeling that politicians aren’t really fixing the problem but promoting their own agendas.

  3. Old soldier still sense the danger well, reading the current turn of events....Now his safety move is made.

    You could be right if one of these days he will utter the Quezon famous line, a perfect "chicken-out" statement for a man of his caliber...

    I honestly hope----I'm wrong about reading this man!

    that's our politics...


  4. Is this a sign that GMA has already lost the support of the military? Are we headed for another coup?

  5. To Lanee and BW: That might be well said. Apparently, that's the name of the game in politics.

    To Jun: You could also say that Jun, that the old man is doing the right thing. But
    at most times, we need to see first if this move is done for the best.

    To John Clark: It might be John although FVR's hold on the military may not be as strong as it was before. The retired generals seem to have a whole different kind of mindset than those who are active.

  6. hmm.. iwas pusoy. tatakbong prime minister yan kapag nagkaron ng parliamentary system ang govt.

  7. To Penovate: It looks that way, I am pretty certain about that.

  8. Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer. FVR and GMA have one thing common, HUNGER FOR POWER. That's Philippine Politics.

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