On this wet rainy weather , President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo might just well be humming this old love tune, the one we remember so well fr...

When There's No Getting Over That Rainbow

On this wet rainy weather, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo might just well be humming this old love tune, the one we remember so well from the 70's popular duo The Carpenters for so it seems, the President is never over the hill...or beyond the bend....or over that rainbow. Once again, a virulent witness has been set loose against her, to further untangle her hold on the Presidency.

Army Captain Marlon Mendoza sounds like a man so sure of what he is doing; unlike those who have backpedalled like Air Force T/Sgt. Vidal Doble and weeping witness Richard Garcia. This military man seem to be standing steadily upon his own two feet. He sounded so forceful and his tone is of definite certainty. As he testified this morning before the Senate Committee inquiring upon GMA's involvement in the illegal numbers game called "jueteng", his voice came out almost like a shout, so resoundingly as if he is angry of something, so angry that he has something to let out. He is a man on a mission---like a mad dog that is so one-minded about its aim. In fact, it was reported earlier that Captain Mendoza had received warnings from his military superiors before his appearance in the Senate to the effect that he'd be in violation of certain rules set forth in the Articles of War (the body of rules governing proper military conduct and behavior), but nevertheless he still presented himself before the Senators, on the right time and place of appointment.

Looking from the MalacaƱan's perspective, Captain Mendoza is such a dangerous man, one that can do the most damage. He maybe perhaps the one witness they had wanted to retract but he seems now to be the one who just got away. You can't have the one you wanted most. Being a former bodyguard of Ex-Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcilliano, he had testified to have first hand knowledge that Bong Pineda, the now notorious jueteng lord from Pampanga (and generally believed to be a GMA crony) had funded some 300 Million pesos worth of election rigging activities in the Mindanao region, and the one who spearheaded such uncouth activity was none other than Garcilliano himself with Michaelangelo Zuce working in the wings. Captain Mendoza had even showed some photos where Zuce was showed in some uncompromising scenario while he was in Mindanao.

The coming out of Captain Mendoza is like a hurricane that is inclined to bring havoc and permanent damage to the Arroyo administration. I am sure MalacaƱan is now burning candles by the hour finding out ways and schemes on how to counter this seemingly surprising move by opposition that caught them...well, in great surprised. It's like a "shock and awe" method being used by the Arroyo detractors. Let us see in the coming days who makes the better move in this real-life and life-sized chess game.


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