Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The London Subway Experience

If memory does not fail me, I believe I was tuned in to CNN the very moment numerous blasts shook the length of London, as breaking news just came in announcing in such a dire manner that something so grave happened beneath the streets of London, in its labyrinth subways. The grievous incident came almost exactly a day after I was stuck to the same cable news channel taking part in the exhilaration of an Olympic city selection, which by some coincidence, was won by this city now thrown into tumult and confusion.

What follows then, for hours after hours, nothing was televised by the Atlanta-based CNN except that singular shot of a London street where apparently the bombs hit the worst. As I see police officers cordoning the entrance to the subways and people strutting away from the scenes of explosions, I was then hoping that it wasn’t any bomb that rocked the city at all, that city so famously known by many of us by way of the children song we often sang then, about some bridge falling down and a fair lady. I was in fact wishing that somehow some major power breakdown occurred, one that may have cause certain damage but not as sinister as a terrorist act. I was then more inclined to believe that some electrical machinery might have malfunction causing the five simultaneous explosions, crossing my fingers on this.

But hours after, it was confirmed beyond doubt that the explosions were caused by bombs let off by identified terrorists, and was even tagged as perpetrated by a close allies of Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair referred to the attacks as a craft of an “evil ideology” and not by a “clash of civilizations”, between Moslems and Christians or by the West against the East. I agree with Mr. Blair so thoroughly on this. These importuned acts must not bring more division amongst the peoples of the world, where there are already enough torment brought about by prejudice and misunderstanding among the world’s many cultures and race. I know Islam as a belief does not in any way foment these kind of beastly acts, where innocent people die in vain, dying for the cause of false assumptions and crooked objectives. I must know somehow.

Almost two weeks had passed after 7/7 (what the London subway incident is now more widely known), but still my mind can’t escape examining the humanity within such horrendous event. It was so dire for me to try to understand and contemplate on what kind of hate or what magnitude of anger does some individuals have for them to ever think of taking away the lives of ordinary people who are the fathers of some daughters, the mothers of crying sons, brothers and sisters of those who grieved (In fact, the sister of one of our fellow bloggers, Shalimar, was one of those affected in the incident), and children of those who would mourn so gravely. Are they devoid of such human consideration? Have they lost their entire senses? Have they lost any hint of humanity and became beast themselves whose face only them could comprehend? I could not fathom their logic and neither will I understand their notions.

And as the blood of the innocents lay spilt on the tarmac, do they howl like hyenas in celebration of their violent exertions? I bet they are evil and killing innocent people is not lesser than the handiwork of Satan.


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