Why do men usually seek to peek? Especially when the peeping is uncalled for. It seems to me that the more insidious and stained with malice...

The Science and Exponential Theories Of Wiretapping

Why do men usually seek to peek? Especially when the peeping is uncalled for. It seems to me that the more insidious and stained with malice a fact becomes, the more men wants to find out about it, or read and ponder upon it. And so it becomes moot and academic to us that wiretapping is such a reality nowadays particularly in the seedy world of dirty politics and the military.

In decades old, those who need to know the secrets of others went for other rigid medium like sending someone like Mata Hari, a lady dancer, deep into enemy territory just in order for salient information be had and forcefully taken. Decades ago, chief intelligence networks like KGB and CIA even went to “transplanting” individuals just in order to spy on other men’s secret knowledge or hidden facts, where they slipped in into enemy country their own citizen at a very young age and train him to act, speak and behave like an enemy so that one day when he grows up, he can easily pretend and pose like an enemy without any risk of detection. In those days, spymasters even had to wait the passing of so many years just so that they can gather much needed information.

But now, with technology growing by leap and bounds, all it will take for anyone to peep into somebody else’s world is money to buy available hi-technology equipment that could gather information by just merely the push of the button. The one being used by ISAFP, as admitted by some of its former men to NEWSBREAK, could intercept 500 cellphones all at the same time. Of course officially ISAFP would deny this for they say; wiretapping is not their business. But that’s all crap.

But of course, the military is into this peeking and sneaking game whether they admit it or not. Only now, the usual subjects of their wiretapping operations---like drug dealers, kidnappers, bank robbers and terrorists---are already aware that they are being wiretapped even when they are using cellphones. Ordinarily, if one were to be careful, he or she would usually say: “Use the cellphones baka na-bugged and telephone lines.” Now, they’d be too careful using even their cellphones for malicious conversations. Criminals can become too careful now for police detection.

But is it possible for the military to sneak on its own commander-in-chief? This ain’t such a hard question to answer and having read too much Tom Clancy and Frederick Forsythe in the past tells me that in the game called spying, there is no such thing as rules or ethics. There is no sacred cow here. Not even the President of the Republic of the Philippines. It’s a wild world baby!

This wiretapping controversy tells us one thing. The military may be too politicized than we had thought before. It may even be acting too independently that even the President, they had to spy and see if they should or should not intervene into the governance of our country. Are we close to becoming a Myanmar or Pakistan where the military acted on its own and took rein of governance from civilian hands?


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