Systems Down!

About two days ago, my computer started on a wrong note with a strange prompt on the screen that ordered me to add driver to a new hardware device that was newly found. This was a very familiar sight, because the last time it did appear, my computer was disabled entirely.

Immediately, I applied a thorough scan of my drives and there I determined about six different viruses that had infected my system, most of them “downloader Trojans”. I have always been careful against viruses, so careful even that I do not use password enabled services when I am not using my own computer. I had always been operating behind a firewall but alas, the very few moments that I disabled my firewall (to speed up downloads of heavy executables), are the few seconds that these viruses needed to infiltrate my computer. I am warning you to be always careful and always protect yourself by using a firewall whenever you are online.

I do not exactly know what these “downloader Trojans” do but one thing is sure, it disabled my internet connection so gravely. Maybe they were meant, as their names suggest, as worms and spiders that wanted to download some of my files. It is such a flattery that some souls had to send these Trojan viruses just to get hold of my writings. I would have given it all to them had they asked it properly. Or maybe, they just meant to harm my system. By the number of the Trojans that infiltrated my system, you could tell someone or some souls really targeted me for intrusions. If it were random, the number of virus would not have been as high as six just in one night. We all get “virused” once in a while, but not six instances in a 24 hour period.

So I tried my best to reconfigure my operating system but couldn’t seem to tackle the major error in it. I had some amateur skill on recreating corrupted files but this time, the problem had just gotten worse. Half-baked knowledge was harmful to me this time.

The last time I restarted my computer, a blank screen just appeared. Such vicious, vicious viruses.

So I had to do these postings at a nearby café and while my computer is out for a vacation in my favorite neighborhood computer shop, I had to content myself with lesser time online, and more infrequent postings. I hope my computer would rise again like a phoenix from the flame.

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