Friday, April 08, 2005

A Requiem For The Pope

The Old Man Has Found A Great Well
(A Requiem For Karol Josef Wojtyla 1920-2005)

This one son of Poland has finally reached the bend
yonder beyond the oceans of the faithful,
and one day became the son of the world
that found the great well of worldly understanding and brotherhood;
And he made this well flourish like a seeding flower
that blossomed so white in purity and vibrancy---
It is there for anyone to see,
for any soul who was touched by his hands,
even for a moment or two;
those hands that had turned even the most wrenched of hearts
into a soft billowy water that would run finally
towards the one and singular faith in the Mightiness of God.
And now he found his own soul’s great well,
the one that we all harness in our mind
where in a day or two, our eyes would lay witness someday
to the crystals of heavens and the joyful
trumpeting of the angels.


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