In college, I was so fascinated by a historical event that happened in Europe some centuries ago and it was a highly protracted war between ...

The Hundred Years Trouble

In college, I was so fascinated by a historical event that happened in Europe some centuries ago and it was a highly protracted war between England and France that was then dubbed as “The Hundred Years War”. I know that there had been many more wars in history, both known and unknown that lasted for more periods but the “hundred years war” made me rethink the passion and capacity of men to make war even in the old ages.

Lately, one trouble made me rethink again how some men or women for that matter, have that unusual rapacity to make trouble as if the very moment that they had breathe this mortal air, they were already born into the culture of trouble, angst, envy and conflict.

In JOHNPAULACLAN’s blog, someone misused my pseudonym and commented in its tagboard with nasty expressions. And to make matters worst, JP seem to have believe them just as easily, without further verification. Things like this can easily be done and faked. Anyone can just use a name, an invented one or that of someone else’s name. For example, you only need elementary computer knowledge in order to comment in any blog site using the name of other bloggers. The only way we can detect on who really made those comments is by checking out the I.P. address that goes with the comments, and then verifying with the Internet provider company about the telephone line where the IP address point to. But then, if someone commented by using a computer from an internet cafĂ©, there is just no way of tracing the person so easily because a lot of people go in and out of cafes all the time.

Why in the world would I say something nasty about JP, one who I have considered as a true friend not only in the blogosphere but also in the real world. I treated him like a brother in faith, for I know he is religious. But now I know that he easily believes in rumors.

Some bloggers hate me JP only because I have contradicted their views, and some of them, not many, could not take contradicting opinion so well. And there were some who treated me as enemies because I have protested their lambasting of catholicism and religion in general.

You should not believe anyone misusing the name MAJOR TOM, pretending in order to create havoc and dissension. I am always nice and respectful when I comment. Everyone should be notified that if a MAJOR TOM is commenting in your site and its NASTY and BASTOS, it couldn’t be me.

You know, I feel flattered that despite of me being just new, many tried to bring me down. I juts don’t know why. I don’t know exactly the number of those who “hate” or “envy” me. But I am only sure about one person and most of you know this blogger. Some of us just could not accept that others might be smarter than us.

Ugly things happen. If these things continue to happen, I may just have to close down shop so please bear with the inconvenience. Am I responsible for my readers? Well, if my readers demand that I’ll stay, then I’ll stay. But I’ll try my best to stay as long as I can.

These things just humor me at times that I could just laugh inside knowing na talagang inngit lang ang mga naninira sa akin. They must have lost some of their self-respect.

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