BIR Is Acting Like It's In A Movie.

Suddenly we have Elliot Nesses in our midst. I know this topic on tax evaders is a little bit a thing of the past but I just couldn’t help but extricate the very issue away from the huge confusion emanating from the extensive media coverage it had garnered. Lately, BIR Commissioner Guillermo Parayno Jr., has been in the headlines parading a number of tax-evasion charges against moviestars and in an instant, the government’s newfound zest to pursue tax cheats has gained enormous ground, and the whole scenario paints a lovelier picture of our ministrants in Malacanang. Suddenly, the BIR is home to many Elliot Ness hunting down the Al Capones in our midst instead of mansion-entrenched and BMW-driving tax collectors. And mind you, they have become so brave like gallant knights that it is not only moviestars that they are after, but also they’re also breathing down the throat of Eddie Velarde and Cardinal Gaudencio. Tax cheaters, here they come. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Now, I must be blinking and seeing things. Now suddenly they are after moviestars and evangelists. Why in the world the BIR should be feeling all too proud going after movie stars and evangelists, personalities that has the affectations of the masses? You know, Richard Gomez and Brother Eddie Villanueva commands the respect and admiration of many and this move by the BIR may backfire and may even show the government in such a bad light. I am not favoring these celebrities to cheat on our treasuries but I just thought that BIR should go after the bigger fishes. The ones that matter. Its in the big business sector where there is a massive bleeding of our tax collectibles and if BIR could go to the media and name just one from this sector, say an owner of a food chain or a mall retailer, then I guess they’d be real heroes and can parade before us like they are true Elliot Nesses.

But right now, they seem to appear cowardly merely going after those who cannot really bite back. Instead of being serious, BIR appear just to be playing safe. They seem to be just acting to appear serious in their work. Well, welcome to showbiz guys.
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