Great news for those who had for once or twice, or even for many more times in the past, thought of themselves as Luke Skywalker and sway th...

Star Wars---Now A Darker Jedi Story

Great news for those who had for once or twice, or even for many more times in the past, thought of themselves as Luke Skywalker and sway those laser swords like they were threading dangerously on Death Star.

George Lucas had announced some days ago that the final installment of the Star Wars prequel series would be released in the states as early as May. That would mean, we on the Asian side of the Pacific might be able to troop once more to every Dolby-enhanced theater within our reach sometime early June. If the wallets get fatter by that time, some of us may sneak into some THX premiere.

The title of the upcoming Star Wars movie is “Return of the Sith”, and Lucas described it as the “darkest” among all episodes, including the one where Darth Vader finally shredded his now-famous and dreaded helmet and got killed by his own son. What Lucas meant by this? Perhaps, the “Return of the Sith” may contain more doses of violence than we are used to get or maybe it contains now some sexual explicitness (considering Anakin gets to grow up into full adulthood here and get to marry Princess Amidala).

My take on this is that perhaps George Lucas has carved out a more serious and somber script for this new episode, meaning to say, the plots gets a lot of “tragedy” treatment and less of those wham-bang-thank-you-ma’am kind of action scenes that kids love the most. This may be both good news and bad news for every Star Wars soul out there. Bad news to those who have been accustomed to the fantasy-driven and adventure-packed previous episodes but good news to those who have grown mature enough to savor movies not by its graphical qualities alone but upon the “essentials” of movies like for example a compelling plot and good characterization.

All in all, Star Wars fanatics may just be gleeful enough that for the summer, they have something big to look forward to. I do not know if I can be called a fanatic but I have seen every episode (Well, who hasn’t?) not just once but at least thrice for every installment. For me, the storylines behind these sci-fi epic series evokes more than just the hero-and-villain/master-and-slave conflict; they actually run upon a whole ingenious concept of good and evil, where discipline and persistence and the belief “in the force” makes the Jedis more cunning and iconic as against the grandiosity of evil in the person of Darth Vader. It is the modern day depiction of man’s quest for justice and equality by pursuing the road less traveled (the Jedis seem to owned nothing but their clothes on) that in the end, the good of the “force” translate more than the power and wealth that the evil empire sought to claim for themselves but could not in the end. Star Wars is like any bible story---it’s the triumph of good over evil in this world.

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