Many centuries ago, the soldiers of the King of England were devastating the shores of France and with every might and armor; the French soldiers struggled hard to fight-off the marauding English warriors. After prolonged encounters, the French side felt how it was so darn hard to hold back the English invasion as soldiers after soldiers fell to the ground in defense of their country. As the English side kept on becoming stronger and more rapacious, the French soldiers prayed to the high heavens for miracles that would save them from a fast dwindling defense of their country. Soon enough, a masked warrior appeared and led the war for the French side with great passion and fervor. The said warrior’s fortitude to stifle the English threat was so fierce that many French soldiers became inspired and emboldened that in no time at all, the tides of war started to turn in favor of the French side until finally the enemy was thrown off and driven away.

The joyous French soldiers praised and honored the mysterious warrior that had led them to their victory. When finally the warrior took off the helmet that covered its face, every other soul was astonished to learn that the warrior was a young woman and her name was Joan of Arc.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. Congratulations to all the women in the world.
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