Cool Stickers.

Speaking of cars, I was driving through Quirino Avenue when I suddenly got trapped in a familiar traffic bind. I turned on the stereo and America was singing "Sandman". I whistled through the song when suddenly my gaze caught the back of a van just in front of me and imbedded on it was the sticker with huge letterings that read: “DON’T FOLLOW ME. I’M LOST”.

I could not help but giggle inside of me and a grin was pasted on my face. It was the coolest and funniest car sticker I have ever seen. I wonder why I haven’t got that.

Reminds me of the Senator Miriam Santiago-Defensor’s take on stalking. I had thought why would the van owner think that I would be following him. He is just full of conceit and overly-aware I guess. I get to remind myself that the sticker was just meant to be a joke. Perhaps, he is really a kindred soul to humor me like that. It’s both funny and eerie I think. But at times, it ain’t funny no more. What would you feel if somebody goes on following you everywhere you go? I guess stalking makes our existence limited and our movement becomes too restricted. I guess the anti-stalking bill should be fast-tracked. Or perhaps we could buy more stickers that says, “DON’T FOLLOW ME. YOU ARE VIOLATING THE ANTI-STALKING LAW.”

Oh, this entry is a little bit mindless. You may not comment on it.
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