Apparently, Gen. Aglipay's words are stronger than stone when he said that the police have a tight case against former lawmaker but now criminal suspect Dennis Roldan. What they've got is perhaps one of the most incontrovertible evidence that could ever be had and that is a videotape showing Roldan together with the 3 year old victim. The video also pins down a certain Suzzette Huang as a conspirator to this ever-despicable crime. Either Roldan and his cohorts were just plain stupid and dim-witted or our police has lately become the more effective force that they ought to be, is something we should see later as the case progresses on. Whatever there might be, what we got here is a real tight-lidded case against Roldan. Only the most arcane of explanation could save the culprits, like for example if Roldan would claim as an alibi that they were just shooting a movie with him and the boy as actors in it.

See Philippine Daily Inquirer Story Here.

In my mind, what we see is something ideal. Something our society could get only if our police force get their proper equipments like video cameras, faster mobiles, reliable communication gadgets, computers, and the likes. Once I visited to a nearby police station in order to verify some suspect’s records and what I saw in the investigation department cubicle was a rotting steel cabinet and one record book with its cover torn and fading. I felt I was in a dirty comfort room than in a government office. My gosh, no wonder they could not grab the criminals as often as we want them to. Only if Congress could see to this and re-examine the crap that our police force get. Or perhaps, they could examine where the money allotted for the purchase of police equipments goes.

We may hire and recruit more and more young men and women into the force just in order to maintain that healthy policeman per block ratio but what we are forgetting is that if our policemen do not get the modern equipments that can make them fairly effective, in a time and age when kidnappers and drug dealers have more nifty gadgets than them, then we may just be contented with a successful police work once in a while similar to the Roldan case, or what it could possibly be.

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