Thursday, September 14, 2017


In 1995, the Ramos government passed the National Water Crisis Act of 1995 (RA 8041) to respond to an impending nationwide water crisis. This law states the need for water utility in the the government to adopt urgent and effective measures to address the nationwide water crisis which adversely affects the health and well-being of the population, food production and industrialization process.

The Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD), as a government water utility, is presently involved in a massive campaign to put a stop and eradicate all forms of illegalities relating to water service connections. Under Republic Act No. 8041, otherwise known as the “National Water Crisis Act of 1995”, several acts relating to water service connection are considered illegal acts that are punishable by fines and imprisonment.

These acts mainly involve direct tapping to water mains and tampering of water meters to include several other specific violations. Section 8 of R.A. 8041 provides that the following acts are considered illegal water service connections, to wit:

  1. DIRECT TAPPING OF PIPELINE/UNAUTHORIZED REOPENING OF CLOSED/ABANDONED WATER SERVICE CONNECTION - is the tapping at ZCWD pipeline without its consent or the unauthorized reopening of closed water service brought about by the non-payment of water bill/bills. This is often done by inserting garden hoses or pipes between the ZCWD main source and the customer’s distribution pipe in order to illegally draw water.
  2. DOUBLE TAPPING - refers to two or more service connections of a single dwelling/building separately tapped to ZCWD main source, one or all of which is not connected to the water meter.

  3. BYPASS CONNECTION - refers to two or more service connections of a single dwelling/building separately tapped to water mains of the water/sewer utility concerned, one or all of which is not connected to the water meter.
  4. TAMPERING OF WATER METER - refers to the insertion of wire, stick, coconut midrib, etc, or attachment of magnet to the water meter, shortening of vane wheel and the detachment of the water meter registry dials/mechanisms and meter seals in order to suppress/slow down the rotation of the meter vane or any other intentional act which may result to under registration or stoppage of the meter.
  5. REVERSED WATER METER - is the deliberate reversing of the water meter in order to alter and reduce the registration of the water consumption.
  6. ILLEGAL DISMOUNTING OF WATER METER – is the deliberate removal of water meter from the angle meter valve in order to draw water directly from the water service connection.
  7. ILLEGAL USE OF BOOSTER PUMP - is the use of pump that draws water directly from the water meter (without passing through sump tank) thus affecting the water pressure as well as the quality of water.  Illegal use of booster pump usually contaminates ZCWD water.


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